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Sven'Harel - Dore Na (Fenris' Theme & Mage Pride)









Dore Na || Fenris’ Theme & Mage Pride
Arranged by Sven’Harel (Composed by Inon Zur)

I put both Fenris’ Theme and Mage Pride from the Dragon Age II soundtrack together.  Title taken from a fan transcription and translation of the lyrics, found here.  So apparently I test out Audacity when I get horrifically bored.

I always found it an interesting thematic choice that Inon Zur composed two ‘halves’, so to speak.  These two pieces never sounded whole to me when apart.  It seems like they represent the opposing sides of the mage freedom argument, using characters as juxtaposition: Fenris who despises the twisted side of magic, and Anders (I always feel like Mage Pride is his theme, or at least his purpose) who advocates for his people’s rights.  Neither side is wholly correct or incorrect.  

If you take away the different melodies, what lies underneath both compositions is almost the same.  I like to think that these two complementary pieces are Inon Zur’s gentle reminder that everyone is fundamentally identical.  We are all people.


This is simply gorgeous.

Holy shit.

Holy fucking shit.

Oh wow.

Yes good <3333


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