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Lydia's immunity to the bite


(Originally posted here as a photo post.)

I am pretty sure that Lydia is not immune to the bite.  I was suspicious when I rewatched “Omega” and she seemed curiously unscratched for someone who’d been wandering in the woods NAKED for two days while she was not exactly in her right mind.  And then I was going through “Abomination,” and something about the scene in the car didn’t seem quite right.  Let me show you what I found:

When her mother comes in and finds Lydia’s hand all cut up and her knuckles bleeding, we see that it’s her left hand.  There are cuts on the knuckles and first joints:

Lydia's bedroom  hand closeup

She wears gloves to school to hide the wounds:

Lydia school

When she’s crying in the car during the lacrosse game, we see that she’s wearing the same outfit, so it’s the same day, and she has one bare and one gloved hand.

lydia car1      lydiacar2

And we’re meant to notice the one-glove-off, other hand is fine thing, because the director made sure we had a very clear view of Lydia’s hands by having her put each one up to her face separately, so that we can’t miss them.

Since we already know she has only one injured hand, and we see that she’s wearing a glove on only one hand and the other hand is plainly uninjured, it’s natural to assume that the glove is on the injured hand, but it’s not.  The director gave us a close-up view of her mother holding the injured left hand in the morning, and a little over 12 hours later, her left hand is completely healed.  The view of her hand in the car picture shows the knuckles and first joints, where the injuries should be.

That single glove?  That was a total fakeout.  Well done, Mr. Davis.

Lydia may not have gotten the enhanced senses, but she’s clearly got advanced healing going on.  I gotta wonder what else is going on with her that we don’t know about yet.

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