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do you think that, after shepard blocks garrus’ shot, thane takes him aside and sits him down and is like let me tell you about how i met my wife


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I screamed a little when I saw this EEEEE they r SOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER OMG 😆


I screamed a little when I saw this EEEEE they r SOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER OMG 😆


everybody has that one game that completely ruined them like for better or worse there’s that one game with a plot that destroyed your insides and characters that stole your heart and art and design that reduced you to tears and you just want to hold the game in your arms and cry like a small child bc it’s your game


i’ll never forget the time in me2 when youre searching hock’s room for dna and shep scans a plant and goes “ay its clean” and kasumis just like


"its a plant

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"I was taught to grant death quickly, cleanly. To minimize suffering."

"Them..I let them linger."

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One of the worst parts of this war is watching the kids react. If they’re lucky, they grow up thinking the galaxy is basically a decent place. Some rough spots here and there, but for the most part, life makes sense.

Now they find out it was all a lie. They wake up to see these things in the dark that just want to destroy everyone they ever cared about.

If they survive, there will be a lot of angry orphans out there looking for answers…

~ Garrus Vakarian

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I love that conversation :D.

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Mass Effect: Cerberus by farmstinkbuttlass


Amazing Mass Effect Art by Mycks Art Studio (Part 2)

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flirt effect

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